Weight Loss and Essential Oils

Despite all out great intentions with food, we can still struggle with cravings. When I lost all my weight I had some big ‘behavior’ changes that I was intentional about, and many that have remained. I learned that most of my weight was sticking around from mindless eating and bad habits.

Some of the patterns that I broke and the strategies that I began included:

*using small size plates to trick my mind I was eating more
*I taught the kids to do their own dishes so I wasn’t mindlessly grabbing the abandoned chicken nugget
*I put snacks in the cabinet above the fridge so it literally took getting a stool which gave me time to think about if I really needed the crackers
*I measured EVERYTHING I ate
* I logged EVERYTHING that passed through my lips for 2.5 YEARS—this eventually became a leak of joy so I no longer do this
*I put my walking shoes in the doorway leading to house from garage so I would walk before even going in the door
*Rather than going to kitchen when I came home and snacked, I went straight to the bath tub. By the time I was done, it was time to cook dinner and I just saved hundreds of calories
* I chose wine over ice cream
*I decided that I was DONE being heavy and I was worth health

When I started using essential oils, I was so happy to learn that they can also support my physical body. I used oils in the beginning for the good smells, without any idea that they could have a health benefit.

Today, I use lemon daily for internal cleansing. I use grapefruit often for reducing cravings and internal cleansing. I also use a great blend called Slim & Sassy. I put a few drops in water or in a capsule and take internally. BUT, the best way that I use the this blend is a HACK that I learned about a month or so ago.

I purchase a bottle of fractionated coconut oil (FCO) and a bottle of Slim and Sassy and I empty the entire bottle of EO into the FCO and everyday I apply the oil to my stomach and my “trouble areas”. Over the month time, I have noticed that my skin is is tighter and I am slimmer. I have heard about people actually losing weight and inches doing this! I get the internal benefit as the oils are absorbed and the external benefit of better looking skin! Double win!

Check out and bookmark this handy little ebook  on the basic uses and safety of essential oils.  There are so many uses for your entire life…and the greatest thing is you being to eliminate some of the less healthy things in your life, too.

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