After Sun Spray

I just spend five glorious days in Florida and spent four of them at the beach! Being a natural redhead offers me a challenge he when it comes to my skin and the sun. I am a rare redhead that actually tans–if I use sunscreen and take it slow. I try to take breaks in the shade and not spend hours in the sun on the first day.

Since aloe grows easily in the warm climate in Florida I was able to grab some out of my moms yard and make up a soothing spray. It felt so good on my skin after a day at the beach.

Depending on the size of the glass bottle, you add:

💧lavender—soothing to the skin

💧melaleuca—keeps skin germ free

💧peppermint—provides a natural cool

🌱fresh aloe pulp

đź’§ Top off with water

Spray as needed following time in the sun! You can learn more about essential oils in this free ebook.

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