Comparison Is the Thief of Joy

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Theodore Roosevelt

Comparison is the thief of joy.

As human beings we are likely to have had a few times in our life where we longed for the greener grass that others seem to have. We might even spend some of our time filled with envy wishing that our experience is different than it is and that others have it better than we do. Comparison is indeed the thief of joy.

When I was a young mom I spent way too many days comparing myself and my kids to others. It was exhausting and I broke free of all of that during my great wake up in my early thirties. I dropped the desire to compare myself with others long ago for the most part, however, major life events typically bring out our vulnerability and we might find ourselves once again looking at other people’s experience and comparing ourselves to them.

This old feeling of comparing myself started to come back lately when it comes to my recent hip replacement surgery. If I had a nickel for everyone who has told me that their 80 year old whoever was walking in a week without a cane I probably wouldn’t have to go back to work. Seriously…how is that useful? Or the stories of young athletes getting back to their sport within weeks. I get it…those miracles and amazing stories do happen and that is awesome, but not everyone has that experience.

When I hear these examples it is hard to not compare myself with them and it is something I am working on daily while also finding the opportunity to remind others who share their fast healing stories with me that it isn’s always that way for everyone, although I am thrilled for them.

Awareness is the key to cultivating true compassion but that is another day’s blog post.

Instead of comparing myself to those stories I have decided instead to look for small daily wins and remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint. It might be that showering without any help is my win. Or getting out to my yoga studio to record a session is a win. Maybe making a simple dinner is a win. Definitely the sourdough English muffins this week were a win. ?

If I spent my days comparing myself to others I would lose my joy in those small, yet huge wins.

My surgeon and physical therapist were great this week at reminding me that my experience is vastly different than most. The factors that go into my own healing are unique to me, so breathe and be patient. Also look for those small wins each day to carry me through until I am back in the “normal” swing of things. And, I am reminding myself that “normal” may look very different for me compared to pre-surgery.

It is natural for people to compare themselves with others. I want to encourage the world to stop doing that. Many times people even compare themselves with me. Instead, I try to ask them to look at their own gifts and be proud of them. We are all special in some way. While it may seem to some that I have myself all together, I really don’t. I work at it each and every day.

Find the joy in YOU and in your own small victories. Comparing yourself will definitely steal your joy and life is simply too short to live a joy-less life.

I have also learned that although the grass may appear greener, there is always some other species of “weeds” that have taken space in the seemingly green space and my own green is perfect for me, weeds and all.

Stacie believes that it is her life purpose to share the gift of Yoga with anyone who is willing to say yes. In addition to raising a family and being an advocate for those with disabilities, Stacie is founder of Embracing Spirit Yoga which specializes in bringing adaptive Yoga into community centers and rehabilitation clinics. Bringing her depth of compassion to the mat–or the chair–she offers students the opportunity to grow as an individual in all aspects of their life.


“Disappointment is a stepping stone to resilience. It toughens you up and prepares you for the challenges that lie ahead.” ~ Michelle Obama

Disappointment is such a strange thing. In my mind I know that all disappointments lead to some sort of lesson or growth, if we choose to look for it. It may be that we learn our own value, how to walk away, or even deep acceptance. Regardless of the lesson, it usually comes after experiencing some version of disappointment.

Most people already know of some pretty major disappointments that I’ve experienced in my life that have led me to greatness.

I’ve taken one of the biggest disappointments in my life and turned it in to my purpose and my passion.

What a lot of people don’t know is that for over 20 years I have struggled with the disappointment of my body. I have sat in pain management clinics for that duration trying spinal injections, varieties of medications, alternative methods, and eventually facing the pain with resiliency and movement. The disappointment fueled me to be stronger and stronger. It guided me to places I didn’t know I had in me. I faced the disappointment of many diagnosis with the fire to fight back.

The early weeks of January 2016 I experienced a new pain. A horrific pain. Within a few weeks I learned I had torn tissue in my hip. Three surgeries over the course of 18 months, and once again I am ten days away from yet another hip surgery.

I have needed this surgery for over a year but put it off last February because the timing wasn’t right. It’s right now.

In my preparation to get my body at its best form and fullest strength going into this big one. I have been consistently strength training five times a week for over two years. Refining my muscles and gaining strength and confidence has been empowering.

But, disappointment shows up again.

The familiar pain that grinds deeps into the lower back. That pain that prevents movement. Startling pain that makes my breath short and shallow. Pain that has brought me to the hospital twice unable to move in the past. The pain that makes my world shatter.

Not now. It can’t be now.

  • I need to be strong.
  • I need to be healthy.
  • I need to not hurt this much.
  • I need my back to settle down so I’m strong for my new hip and I need this disappointment to move along.

Or, is this disappointment inviting more resilience than I knew I had? Is it showing me what I have in me to face the challenge?

Maybe it’s both. I need to not hurt like this AND I need to be reminded of my strength and ability to overcome.

My Introverted Self

I love people—I really do. But I also love taking care of my introverted self and my favorite way to do that is to go into the forest. To commune with the trees and be totally at peace and in oneness by the sights and sounds.

Research is showing that visiting a forest has real, quantifiable health benefits, both mental and physical. Even five minutes around trees or in green spaces may improve health. Think of it as a prescription with no negative side effects that’s also free.

Health Benefits From Forests

Exposure to forests and trees:

  • boosts the immune system
  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduces stress
  • improves mood
  • increases ability to focus, even in children with ADHD
  • accelerates recovery from surgery or illness
  • increases energy level
  • improves sleep

Usually on Saturday mornings I take off on a solo hike and find that silent, yet so alive space. I usually visit one of my favorite tree friends I have ever known. She has been a friend for many years and though I haven’t gone to say hello in a long time, she still greets me with the same wonderful welcome. Over the years on this trail, I have played on the icy trails and I basked in the warm sun. I love to cross over the miles of Mother Earth and it usually is just what I need to refuel and get clarity on a few things weighing on me.

I love how the sound of my feet crunching the earth somehow brings the answers I have been seeking. It’s like the world stops for a moment and I can listen.

I am often reminded again just how blessed I am and how grateful I am that my life has unfolded in perfection. Just like the trees and how they know exactly when to let go and when to grow, I find myself in the same cycle.

During these solo walks I reconnect with the truth of myself. I find the quiet space between my thoughts. I receive all the goodness the trees offer.

Of course putting my hands on my favorite tree friend never hurts.

Alignment Blend

When we combine our thoughts, our bodies and our minds with the magical gifts of mother nature, we reveal wisdom.

The wisdom of our true Selves. The wisdom of the Earth. The wisdom held in the vibration of every living cell.

Last month we dove into discovering what our true values are that sustain us during hard times or simply how we navigate our everyday. Knowing our values is step one, living in alignment with those values is step two.

Our actions and the words we speak, and even the thoughts we have, all must strive to be in alignment with those values. When we step into daily living in alignment we become our best selves.

I try to look at my values daily. I try to pause before I respond. I think before I speak. And, I try to ask myself if what I am about to do going to help me create the life I want.

I also love my body everyday with intention. I try to eat mindfully. I also find time every day for moments of stillness.

This beautiful blend I perfectly crafted and named Alignment helps me to stay in living within my values. This blend includes Frankincense–Oil of Truth, Rosemary–Oil of Knowledge, Lavender–Oil of Communication, Roman Chamomile–Oil of Spiritual Purpose, Sandalwood–Oil of Sacred Devotion, and Tiger Eye which is a stone of protection. Tiger Eye may also bring good luck to the wearer. It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions.

This blend is perfect for creating a sense of alignment with yourSelf and with others. Grab yours HERE!

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Was That Considered Yoga?

A year or so ago I reacted to the frustration I feel at times for the yoga culture we have seemed to create in the western world. I opened my mouth in a fit of grievance and spoke truthfully about this publicly. Some heard it with curiosity and grace, while others were dismayed at my seemingly arrogant stance on this.

In our western yoga culture there seem to be so much focus on the physical body, and it’s honestly so disheartening, especially since Yoga teacher trainings capture the philosophy and other aspects of Yoga over the course of the 200 or 300 hours of learning. At least they should.

Let me be clear, of course the sensations we feel while putting our body into a certain shape can be a stepping stone for awareness and so much more, BUT it is also so overly misguided and misunderstood that I find myself saddened that so many people are not having the access to the deep philosophy and way of being that the practice offers.

I am in a variety of social media forums for Yoga teachers and every single day there are questions on how to build a sequence, or how to create a “peak pose”, or how to teach an arm balance that is probably obtainable to 3% of the population. Why??

Let’s back up to simply defining Yoga.

The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’. As per Yogic scriptures the practice of Yoga leads to the union of individual consciousness with that of the Universal Consciousness, indicating a perfect harmony between the mind and body.

Yoga is also a balanced state of the body and mind. Yoga is a balanced state of emotions. Yoga is a balanced state of thoughts and intellect. Yoga is a balanced state of behavior.

That is not touching your toes or being on the floor in contorted positions or standing on one leg.

Let me share with you the Yoga students I got to share Yoga with today and how they got to practice.

I entered into an assisted living setting to find a group of woman sitting in a living room. I scanned the area for what I was soon facing and “read the room” as we are trained to do.

Here is where the essence of Yoga was in this moment–I “united” with a woman suffering from confusing dementia and lack of word recall. She was agitated, angry, and utterly confused. I was able to get her to sit back down as I gently held her hands. I moved her arms in circles and gently pulled her into a soft forward bend. I rubbed her feet with lavender as I responded to every single irrational statement that she made that was her reality. I asked her questions about the incoherent story she was living and sharing with me. I heard her.

Within a few moments of receiving the lavender foot rub, her language became less erratic and she relaxed into her easy chair.

Was that considered Yoga? Was she experiencing a balanced state of emotions? Absolutely.

A lovely woman who was sitting across the room in a catatonic state, quietly asked for some of the “stuff that smelled good.”. A few minutes of a loving hand massage and she too softened into herself.

Was that considered Yoga? Was she experiencing a balanced state of thought? Absolutely.

As a Yoga teacher of 16+ years I am still astounded that our world doesn’t see that moments like this IS Yoga. It IS human connection. It IS a desire to help people experience balance of mind and emotions. It IS a desperate attempt to bring unity to their spirits.

I could care less about a sequence or a peak pose.

Perhaps that is why it has been impossible to find a Yoga teacher willing to get out of their physically focused way and truly share the entire essence Yoga, from the heart. This is about the greater good and a selfless offering that changes the lives of those in their final chapter of life. Some perhaps, in their final pages.

If I sound bitter and frustrated, I am. All I can do with this is walk it off, know that I served well today and the right person will come into my life to share this with.

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Imagine for a second living your entire life without a concept that you are anything more than just your body. You spend every year working to lose the extra fifteen pounds around the middle, you obsess on the dress size, you might try exercising but realize it can be challenging, you spend the majority of your adult life defining what you do, you gather accolades and awards and letters behind your name, you seek people to validate your existence and then one day, usually when life becomes gravely challenging, you realize that you are so much more than the what that you have aimed for decades to become.

What if I could encourage you to see that you are so much more than the what that you have been told you are, or what you have strived to achieve? What if I could invite you into a place where you see that much more than what meets the outer eye.

Let’s back up. Think about this:

What is the most important part of a house? What is the most important part of a tree?

Without the foundation and the roots, we may never see the beautiful windows and stunning branches and leaves. So if your body is the windows and branches and you have neglected the foundation or the roots, what will happen when life gets hard? (It will get hard, you know that).

Will your walls cave in? Will you blow over in a “storm”?

What are the parts of you that hold up the windows and branches?

What sustains you? What supports you?

What are the aspects of you that is your foundation or your roots?

I like to think of these as values or principles in which we live our physical life as. The branches that we become are all based on the root system that feeds, stabilizes and ensures we are our best self.

For me, my root system consists of the following four main roots (or four main foundation walls):

  • gratitude: the minute I step away from recognizing all that I have in my life and start complaining I have gotten lost and the root rot begins
  • strength: opting for the easy way out or choosing to give up is a sure sign that I will blow over the second life gets hard
  • positivity: there is nothing like a dose of negativity to squelch your growth. Period. If it isn’t nice or hopeful then don’t say it.
  • responsibility: doing what I say I will do and keeping myself accountable has served me so well both personally and professionally. If I walk away from that, I am done.

Ask yourself these questions and sit with yourself. Peel away all the “what’” that makes you up—man, woman, mother, father, heavy, thin, your job title, your credentials, and your outer form.

Now, ask yourself who am I? What is the essence of me? How do I show up in the world? You might find that the values/roots that make up your beautiful tree are things like love, purpose, courage, family, service, honesty, respect, accountability, knowledge, faith, and many more.

Do this important work now because soon we will take it a little further and look at how our actions, thoughts and words are aligning with those identified values.

Hang on, my friends. It’s about to get real!

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The Final Quarter

Self-reflection is a humbling process. It’s essential to find out why you think, say, and do certain things…. then better yourself.

It’s been a little quiet on here since I have been swamped with teaching, gardening, and I also completed a 30 days of yoga series this month.

We are headed into the final quarter of the year and I find it’s a good time to reflect on your beginning of the year visions and see how they have evolved and what I can do in the final stretch to reach them.

I set out the year with a quest to be more vulnerable. Part of me starting an online yoga yea her forum group was to open my self up to not only questions and connection, but also to open myself up to criticism and accountability. My teaching style in assisted living settings, may be much different than what one might think of when we think of adaptive Yoga.

Just this week alone some of the time I spent in assisted living was holding hands with a lonely 92-year-old woman, and helping her take her hands down to her toes for a stretch. I also rubbed the feet of a 57-year-old man with a terminal disease.

Is that yoga? I believe with 100% certainty that it is.

This year I also opened to myself up to finding someone to partner with me and shadow me to learn how to apply the principles of yoga, without such a strong focus on asana, to those unique settings. As I wait for that person to arrive in my life, I continue to serve and love each day doing it.

What will you do in these final few months of 2023 to come closer to your vision?

How can I support you?

The Smells of Fall

These amazing oils are among my absolute must haves especially as we move towards fall. I know so many of us really enjoy the smells of fall, and our home, but those toxic candles can be no good for your health. I turn to these natural and pure essential oils, to fill my space with the smells of fall, and bring a calm sense of peace to my home.

Northern Escape and Harvest Spice!!

Forget the rush of everyday life as you fill your home with the inspiring, fresh aroma of Northern Escape Woodland Blend.

Harmonious Black Spruce, Siberian Fir, Balsam Fir, Lavandin, Cedarwood, Cypress, Hinoki, Frankincense, Nootka, Cananga, and Clove essential oils create a beautiful outdoor ambiance.

It is deeply grounding to the body, mind and spirit!

High in the chemical constituent ?-Pinene, Northern Escape provides a relaxing environment. The essential oil blend also contains bornyl acetate, a natural chemical component that gives fir trees their distinctive aroma and may be a beneficial cleaning agent, according to research. Whether it’s diffused, applied topically, or used as a surface cleaner, Northern Escape is a refreshing addition to any home- smells like you stepped into a forest!! It is 10% off all month.

Celebrate the coming fall season- wonderful memories with family and friends, enjoying the rich, uplifting aroma of Harvest Spice as you do.

Freshen the air and welcome autumn with the comforting ambiance of Cassia, Clove, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils. This blend smells like Fall and there is no better way to ring in the new season than with this amazing blend!!! It is only available for a limited time, so make sure to get yours now!!

Grab these beautiful blends and my favorite diffuser HERE! Once you get started with essential oils, I will provide you with education and mentoring to help you effectively use what you purchase. You can also check out this gorgeous, free digital guide to learn more.

Yay for fall!

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August Inspiration

Summer afternoon to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.

—Henry James

Have any of you noticed how much nature reminds us of the bounty that is available? The constantly changing and growing plants tell me that the same extraordinary potential exists within me. I see how the animals gather and forage what they need and this reminds me that everything I need is right here. I am grateful for the rain and the amazing colors that surround me. My garden is a perfect example to me of “more than enough”– the green beans and cucumbers this year are starting to really take shape and I moved the pumpkin patch to a new location this and they are all very happy! I am planning to make my second batch of chokecherry jelly and pickles again this year and share with my neighbors! You can find my recipes at the bottom under the DIY section.

For years I have focused on creating a more abundant life and the ways in which that has all happened marvels me on a daily basis. Some may think of abundance as simply financial bounty, but I have come to see it as so much more.

For me abundance shows up in the random acts of kindness I receive, the support I consistently have for my classes, my friendships, the magnitude of joy in my life, colors everywhere, laughter that fills a room, a belly full of food, and enough money for me to live happily and generously.

As we come into the long, and usually hot month of August, I encourage you to look for the bounty in your life….things like lemonade, lazy afternoons in the hammock, delicious ice cream, sunflowers, sweet watermelon, a basket of veggies and much more.

I have lots of fun classes this month and chances to connect with yourself and with others. To me, that is just another great form of abundance. Be sure to check out my 30 Days of Yoga starting August 1st and delivered right to your inbox!

Love and gratitude,


30 Days of Yoga!

Did you hear I am embarking on 30 days of Yoga this month?? Yep! Each and every day you will get a fresh video to practice in your own time! There is still time to sign up!

Watch this short video to learn more!

Full Moon Yoga in the Park

Join me in person for a celebration of the summer full moon! August 30th at 7pm! We will enjoy a gentle lunar practice that includes essential oils to celebrate the release associated with the full moon.

Your registration includes a custom full moon blend of oils with crystals. You MUST register or pre-pay for this event. (venmo, Zelle, PayPal are options…message me if you’d like to save a spot and pay this way).

cost: $25

Essential Yoga–ONLINE

This gorgeous practice can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home! Message me if you’d like samples of the essential oils used in this session.

Essential Yoga–BALANCE

Online Yoga and Pilates

Wanting to have access to yoga and pilates that fits in your schedule? You can access my entire library of videos on my website. I haven’t created any new content but my website is full of chair yoga, sensation and intuition based guided gentle yoga, pilates and meditation all on a donation basis.

Wellness Coaching

I am currently accepting two new wellness coaching clients. This program can be done virtually or in-person and includes a personalized plan, mindset coaching, nutrition, mindfulness, accountability, weekly coaching and more. Reach out to me if you are ready to focus on YOU.

Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Are you a current yoga teacher? I am offering a yoga teacher mentoring program to help yoga teachers learn how to modify and teach to those with different abilities. This program includes shadowing me in my assisted living settings and seeing hands-on the magic that happens! Ask me more!

Wellness Education

This month I am also offering my wellness education through the platform of beautiful freeebooks that you can keep for reference. Be sure to bookmark these as they are packed with information.

Essential Oil Basics

Essential Oils for Every Age

Toxic Free Living

Understanding the Chakras

Essential Oils & Wellness

Many of you know that I use and rely on essential oils to maintain the health of my mind, body, and spirit. I use them throughout my home from cleaning, to pain management, energy, sleep, mood and much more. One of my favorite things is helping others get started using natural remedies and plant medicine. Right now you can get a free wholesale membership when you customize your own bundle or choose from a perfectly pre-chosen bundle. Either way you get 25% off retail prices for one year and there is never a commitment, just the same savings as me!

You will also get an awesome welcome package from me, access to my VIP community group, education and mentoring and much more. It is easy to get started! I am also happy to chat personally with you to find the perfect options for your needs.

Get Started

i offer FREE wellness consultations to talk about your goals and desire for a healthier, mind, body and spirit virtually or over coffee. Together we will create a personalized plan. Schedule yours today!

Free Wellness Consult

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Referral Program


This beautifully crafted blend of essential oils, gemstones and flowers is earthy, spicy and full of magic. Just one whiff and you will be transported to a place of abundance and appreciation for the fullness of life. Order here.

Recipes & DIY

Did you know you can use essential oils to make some awesome summer treats? Not just will the flavor be amazing but you’ll also get the benefit of the essential oils!


Essential Oil Ice Cubes

Honey Ginger Lemonade

Garden Beet Caprese

Kiwi Strawberry Splash Smoothie

Easy Chokecherry Jelly

Easy Pickles

Summer DIY Ideas

Soothing After Sun Spray

Bug Bite Relief

DIY Bubbles

The Benefits of Being Outdoors

Fresh air, sun, trees. Nature is a magical thing, and according to some studies, can have strong healing powers — such as improving mood, boosting the immune system and increasing anti-cancer proteins.

Being outdoors in nature can be healing and beneficial for the body and mind. Whether at the beach, forest or in a neighborhood park, nature offers a calming effect. And when we combine nature with physical activity, it can help fight depression and anxiety.

Being outdoors can improve your health and well-being in the following five ways:

  • Lowers your blood pressure and reduces stress — Spending time walking among or simply looking at trees lowers blood pressure and reduces the stress-related hormones cortisol and adrenaline.
  • Improves mood — Researchers have found that nature simply makes us happy. Anxiety, depression and anger are notably decreased after spending time outdoors.
  • Improves focus — Studies show that both adults and children who have difficulties focusing or controlling impulses are better able to concentrate after being in nature. The natural world allows our brains to take a break from all that mentally drains us, and even reduces symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • Helps us heal quicker — Illness and surgery can be painful and frightening, which can increase stress and slow healing. However, researchers discovered that patients who spent time outdoors during their recovery required fewer painkillers, had fewer complications and experienced shorter hospital stays.
  • Supports graceful aging — According to a study in the Journal of Aging and Health, adults over 70 who spent time outdoors experienced fewer sleep difficulties, complained less about aches and pains, and enjoyed improved mobility and ability to perform daily activities.

Have a beautiful month of abundance in all forms! xo, Stacie

About Stacie

Stacie believes that it is her life purpose to share the gift of Yoga with anyone who is willing to say yes. In addition to raising a family and being an advocate for those with disabilities, Stacie is founder of Embracing Spirit Yoga which specializes in bringing adaptive Yoga into community centers and rehabilitation clinics. Bringing her depth of compassion to the mat–or the chair–she offers students the opportunity to grow as an individual in all aspects of their life.

With over sixteen years experience, Stacie Wyatt is a E-500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, Certified Brain Injury Specialist, Life Wellness Coach, Senior YogaFit Instructor, Mind/Body Personal trainer, Stress Reduction and Meditation Instructor, Pilates Instructor, and Barre Instructor. Stacie is also certified in Integrative Movement Therapy™and is also a believer in the power and application of essential oils for health and wellness and proudly shares doTERRA essential oils.

Stacie brings her personal life experience of raising a daughter with a disability and over 12 years working in special education to her everyday Yoga classes. Stacie offers adaptive yoga in a variety of assisted living settings in Colorado Springs and Denver Colorado.