Supporting Small Business

When you donate to my yoga classes, buy essential oils from me or hire me to share yoga in your rehabilitation center or with a private client, you are supporting ME in my small business. YOU are helping me sustain my purpose and my livelihood.

I am content with what I have, however, securing a financial future for me and my daughter is why I work tirelessly most days of the week. When you look to buy gifts this year, think about the small businesses in your life and support them. You can buy essential oils anywhere, but if you choose to buy them from me you are supporting me and not the big box chains and you are getting top quality oils that are safe. Choose small this year because really you are choosing to make a difference in someone’s life.

I am a yoga teacher and mindfulness coach. I am a wellness coach. I am a doterra leader and essential oil advocate. I am a mom. I am a CNA to my disabled daughter. I am the voice for others. Thank you for supporting ME this year.

If you’re ready to change your life, perhaps I can help. Check out all my offerings.

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