Gratitude Essential Oil Blend

I have been waiting weeks for this! I am now offering a limited amount of this amazing custom blends for sale! Not only does it smell amazing, but the emotional benefits are pretty spectacular.

  • Siberian fir; breaking negative emotional and spiritual patterns,
  • Frankincense; raise awareness, shine your bright light
  • Grapefruit; appreciate who you are;
  • Wild Orange; abundance and bright future, gladness to the heart
  • Geranium; heart opening, realize security in what you do have
  • Clove; instills power, sense of protection, integrity
  • Amber chips—A fossilized tree resin, amber radiates laughter, vitality, and courage. This stone holds the protective energy of our beloved trees, the guardians of Earth.

Before these sell out, you can grab yours here! If you want to learn more about the basics of using essential oils, enjoy this free ebook.

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