My Daily Regimen

What is your daily oil routine?

These are some of my most common—though I have added tumeric and pink pepper to my morning regimen.

🌱Peace Reassuring Blend is my go-to for a daily swipe up my arms. It keeps me level, steady and calm.

🌱Balance Grounding Blend is the oil I add to my lotion each day and apply along my shoulders and neck. It’s earthiness keeps me super grounded during hectic days.

🌱cedarwood is my favorite nighttime diffusing oil. I love the aroma and I sleep super sound.

🌱Copiaba is one I take internally 2x a day. The list of benefits is long but for me I am looking for cellular support and overall well-being.

🌱On Guard Protective Blend goes along my neck and lymph nodes to keep my body healthy. I also diffuse this one in my car and use it as a natural hand sanitizer.

🌱Zendocrine is in a 10ml roller (25 drops) and I apply this to my liver every morning. The oils in this blend help support a healthy liver and provides a natural detox to your body.

Tell me your regimen—I would love to know!

If you are brand new to essential oils, check out this handy guide that can introduce you to the world of natural solutions.

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