In the Arena of

Brené Brown has such a way with telling it how it is. I took one of her semester long online classes called Daring Greatly and it was a game changer for me. I still pull out my workbook from time to time and get renewed by the lessons.

A couple of my biggest takeaways were learning what my deepest value is that lights my way through life. Knowing this value and being able to look back at my decisions and choices throughout my life has been incredible. I now can move through life with this awareness and know when I get that feeling of uncertainty, I check in with my value.

The second takeaway was learning to give myself permission. In the course you are asked to write down permission slips (Brené is a huge fan of sticky notes) and let yourself be vulnerable, be raw, speak your truth, ask for what you needs, etc.

When I was going through this course especially, but even now, I noticed that people would give me feedback about my dirt on my face as a result of being face down in the arena and offer tons of advice and opinions—usually while their own lives were a complete mess. Funny how people do that. ?

I say get in the arena. Do the work. Get dirty and messy. Then wipe off the dust and go on stronger than ever.

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