Words Have Power

The words we speak are so powerful.

Not only can our sharp tongue be hurtful to others but also the words we choose can have an effect on how life unfolds for us. Remember, the two most powerful words we say are “I AM”, and whatever you say after that you’re welcoming in. Also, choosing certain words can have a subconscious effect to our minds and then our outcomes.

Many years ago when I was struggling to shed some weight, someone told me to stop saying “lose” (I want to lose 10 pounds), because our subconscious mind hears the word “lose” and that indicates we must go find it again. Swap out “lose” with “letting go” and the mind hears it as a finality rather than a go find. Cool, huh?

Another wise person taught me a powerful lesson that I still try to catch myself practicing. When I was struggling with hip pain between surgery two and three, I would often say “I am dying of pain…or my hip is killing me”. This beautiful man who had suffered two horrific brain injuries spoke quietly and said “Ms. Stacie why don’t you say instead ‘my hip is reminding me that I am alive’”. Boom!

Words are so powerful. Be mindful of how you speak them.

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