Consistency is Key

I hear pretty often that “oils didn’t work for me”.

A couple reasons why—

Less than pure oils will not give you great results because of the lack of purity. Think of it this way—when you buy a cheap cut of meat versus a quality grass fed beef, you’re going to taste (and feel) a difference. Same thing here—if you buy cheap oils, they won’t be the quality you’re body is going to repaint best to.

You’re not using them correctly and consistently. For many ailments, proper application and doing so often is key for finding results. If you have a cold, applying the oils topically with a carrier often if your best best, as well as proper internal use (pure oils only!)

Remember less more often.

Dilute with carrier and apply as often as every 30 minutes if needed….and for maintenance things like wrinkles, energy, mood apply daily 2-3x.

This gorgeous free ebook gives you the basics of using essential oils.

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