Empower Yourself

Each month I am loving crafting gorgeous blends of essential oils and gems to inspire and bring a deeper sense of mind, body and spirit healing to the user.

I created this blend to fuel those who wear it to be empowered to live within their deepest wishes and desires, to be driven to live each day with a sense of purpose and a drive to be their very best. The oils in this blend are synergistically powerful in doing just that. Each oil has its own unique physical and emotional properties, while also working together to bring about a great sense of personal power. The added lapis lazuli, or commonly known as the ‘wisdom keeper’ helps guide each of us on our path. Check out all the emotional benefits of this blend. You can grab yours here.

Empower Blend

Clove: empowered, clear boundaries, protected

Ginger: empowered, capable, responsible

Cardamom: objective, respectful, self-control

Ylang ylang: freedom, playful, intuitive

Basil: energized, renewed, rested

Bergamot: self-acceptance, optimistic, confident

Peppermint: buoyant, optimistic, relieved

Arborvitae: grace-filled, trusting, peaceful

Frankincense: wisdom, discerning, connected

Lapis Lazuli—”THE WISDOM KEEPER” Assists individuals in taking the lead n your own life and is a natural immune system booster.

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