Yoga, Essential Oils and Gratitude

I have been spending a lot of time in recent weeks looking at my business and figuring out what matters the most to me.

Yoga is my heart and soul.

The practice goes far beyond touching your toes. In fact, I won’t focus as much on the physical aspect of the practice as I will on how we actually show up in the world. We use the physical stuff to help us see areas that might offer growth and healing.

Essential oils are a beautiful compliment to the deeper states of awareness that yoga offers.

Plus they are a natural, safe and effective way to treat our mind and body. You can also clean your homes in a non-toxic way. And, they bring people together in a beautiful way. I have met some of my dearest friends through sharing essential oils and helping others see their is a choice to their families well-being.

Gratitude is at the heart of who I am and something I teach other people to practice.

Developing a formal gratitude practice can be an amazing way to transform your life from a place of not enough, to more than enough.

This is my year of refining my business (and myself) and focusing on the areas that bring me the greatest joy. I realize I need to let some things go, and adjust slightly what is proving to work well. You know, take all that is good and sand off the rough edges to make it all great.

Want to be part of something I might offer? I’d love to connect.

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