Essential Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to connect with your physical body while you also soothe your mind. It can although can be hard to let go off some of the stress of your day, or focus your mind enough for a demanding session, simply by rolling out that yoga mat. That is where essential oils can really help.

Adding essential oils to your practice, anointing yourself in a yoga session, or simply dabbing a little on your pulse points before you begin your practice can take a simple yoga session up several notches and leave you feeling better than ever!

Essential oils are basically oils extracted from the stems, flowers, seeds, and even the bark of various plants. Most oils have a distinct aroma that makes them smell heavenly, lifting your spirits in an instant.

The essential yoga program is designed to marry these two ancient practices into one blissful experience. As a seasoned yoga teacher, I’m excited to guide you through a practice while also using essential oils deliberately throughout the class. These two mediums are a sure fire way to bring calm, less stress and a whole feeling of aliveness.

I have two chances to join me this month for this event. Consider joining and experiencing this unique session.

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