Support Small Business

As you attempt to stabilize your family’s situation for the next month, please then consider #smallbusinesses during this time of uncertainty:

🧘‍♀️ Head over time my business page Embracing Spirit Yoga and learn how you can catch some online yoga from the comfort of your home.

📧 I also offer a Seven Days of Wellness Package delivered directly to your inbox! This package includes yoga, meditation, affirmations, mindful eating suggestions AND a series of essential oils mailed to you….all for just $50!

🔬 If you need natural and effective cleaning solutions, scientifically-backed immune boosting supplements & EOs, or help with emotional support during this time… please check the online events on my business page

💧 I offer FREE wellness consults for your health needs. Together we find a natural solution that will empower you to wellness!

🍴If a locally-owned restaurant you love is closed or operating minimally, grab a gift card on their website

❤️ mostly just be kind and compassionate to those around you. We all could use kindness right now.

Do you want to try a free trial online yoga that is based on intuitively learning sensations in your body? Just click here and I will send you a FREE practice.

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