Essential Oils Internally

Are you unsure about taking oils internally? I was, too in the beginning.

When you start using essential oils, it’s so important to educate yourself and ask questions! There are lots of great resources out there and I can recommend some of my favorite books and other resources if you need some help.

Here is my best tip for internal use—read the labels!

Even though some store bought oils ? say 100% pure, they also say on the bottle “not for internal use”.

When you first start using oils internally ALWAYS check the bottle for the supplements fact label. If it does not have it, then it is not safe for internally use. Easy peasy. In time you will know which ones are and aren’t, but I still double check if it’s one I am not familiar with.

Oh, and D?TERRA oils are different—they actually ARE pure. (You can look at the testing of each bottle by entering in the code on the bottom of your bottle to

If you don’t have a wholesale account, it’s super easy to get! You get wholesale pricing for one year! You get either pay the $35 for the account (like Costco) and choose your oils, or if you grab a starter kit that comes with your membership!

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Starter kits—

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