Speaking Truth

This week in my yoga classes I am sharing Japa meditation and the power of mantra and affirmations. It has been an incredible joy to watch my seniors and adults with brain injuries accept another tool for their toolbox.

In addition to the mantra, we are exploring essential oils and how they have such amazing potential with our emotions and as a result, our self-esteem. Especially when it comes to speaking, and even more speaking our truth.

Combining the power of affirmative mantra with truth provoking oils AND one of my favorite throat chakra gemstones—sodalite, we have been speaking truth like crazy!

Have I mentioned how much I love my work? And I am so grateful everyday that I listened to my truth.

My favorite blend for the throat chakra and speaking truth includes:

?spearmint for expressing self

?wintergreen for letting go of the attachment of the opinions of others

?lavender for easy communication

?cypress for fluidity if spirit

?cardamom for mental clarity

?arborvitae for grace and flow

?helichrysum for transformation of self and authenticity

Check out this free guide for the basics of essential oils.

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