Spirit Ball

Oh, how I love my backyard and my sacred treasures. Check out my Spirit Ball.

The Spirit Ball is used for protection against bad vibes, negativity, sickness, and ill fortune. Traditionally, Spirit Balls are hung in an east window. However, any area around your home, whether in a window, porch, on a desk, or even outside in a garden, is a perfect spot to place a Spirit Ball to ward off negative energy.

The magic behind the Spirit Ball’s function varies a little. Most legends agree, however, that it is the beautiful colors and fascinating dimensions of the balls that attract the negative energy surrounding it.

I have mine placed on my patio that faces east. Yesterday, I practiced yoga on my deck and watched as the sun caught the ball and some of the amazing reflections trickled onto me. I imagined the ball taking negative energy from my body and my space.

It is one of my favorite items in my possession. One time, I had it hanging in my home and when a incredibly negative person came over, the ball was spinning. It was incredible! These balls are sometimes called witch balls, but I prefer Spirit Balls. I highly recommend them!

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