Natural Sunscreen

Did you know that this new diaper cream can double as a sunscreen? How awesome is that?

Check out the natural ingredients to help your skin stay out in the ☀️ safely.

1️⃣ jojoba oil—SPF 4-6

2️⃣ beeswax—SPF 2-8

3️⃣ shea butter—SPF 4-6

4️⃣ carrot seed oil—SPF 35-40

5️⃣ zinc oxide—SPF 2-20

6️⃣ lavender oil—SPF 5

Pretty awesome, eh?

This trio is $34.50 wholesale. If you don’t yet have a wholesale account, it’s super easy and so worth it. There is no monthly obligation and you never have to sell, just a discount! 💥

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