Oils & Gemstones

This morning in my meditation it came to me to create a custom essential oil blend for my surgery and recovery. I included heart opening gratitude oils as I prepare to receive the ultimate–someone’s body part who died so I can be pain-free. I also included cleansing oils for my cells and emotionally healing oils. I chose to set the blend with some healing gemstones outside in the shade for some Mother Earth time.

In the blend there is frankincense, basil, birch, ginger, wild orange, immunity blend, lavender and spikenard.  These combined and layered will offer me cellular support, a calm mind and an incredibly grateful and open heart to receive the talented surgeon’s ability, the care of the staff, the prayers that surround me, and mostly the donor’s part.

The gemstones are rose quartz, malachite, citrine, lapis, hematite, obsidian, and quartz crystal. These beauties will assist me with energy that brings healing and contentment as my body endures this.

Awesome isn’t?


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