Bone Strength Remedy

In the last six years, I have had four orthopedic surgeries. Tomorrow, I have my fifth. Previous to my recent round of multiple hip surgeries and ankle tendon repair, I had two foot surgeries and a knee scope. It’s crazy! Almost as crazy as having an arrival toe joint 🙃!

Over the years I have tried many things to help with post operative pain and things to expedite healing. Icing, elevating and passive movements are great for keeping things lubricated and moving (of course with the guidance of your physician and specific needs). I love to ice and hand with a good book while my body rests.

I have also found that some topical remedies work great for aches and pains following surgery. For muscle pain and tightness, I love this muscle rub. It’s packed with natural and pure essential oils and doesn’t have the nasty stuff that some other blue rubs have.

Since our joints are composed of bones and soft tissue this blend of essential oils has been my go-to for all my joint surgeries. I apply it around the incision sight as often as I need. It really does help to reduce the discomfort and because of the unique properties of the essential oils, they also help my bones and soft tissue become stronger with each application.

Check this out:

To a 10ml glass roller bottle I add 8 drops each of these essential oils—helichrysum, lemongrass, frankincense, and sandalwood. Occasionally I might add marjoram for some added muscle relief. Fill the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil and you’re good to go! You can grab everything you need here!

Besides this bone supporting blend, these essential oils are so versatile and you can use them to also support skin, sleep, mood, and surface cleaning to make a few! But if you opted to only use these oils for this blend, it would make over 20 roller bottles, which last for months anyway! So while the investment is big, it’s so worth it.

This gorgeous ebook explains all the ways you can safely use essential oils in your home. Once you grab the oils, I will reach out to you and schedule a free wellness consultation and send you an awesome welcome package to get you going.


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It’s Really About the Nutrition 

I’m on my third hip surgery recovery in just fifteen months. The same hip has never healed and the tissue has continued to break down, resulting in some pretty awful pain and limitation over the last three years. My last surgery used tissue donated from a cadaver and should elimate pain. 

Having once been a woman who weighed over two hundred pounds,  my first thoughts when I injured my hip were not how would I recover, but instead, would I gain back all the weight. I think I feared that because our world puts so much value on exercise, and I was right there with the common mentality. Unfortunately living  this idea of more is better, I actually was hurting my body rather than helping it. Extreme exercise habits and over use were what caused my tissue to basically break down. 

I am happy to say that just two and a half weeks into my third recovery, I have not gained an ounce of weight and in fact, have lost some over the last two years. I believe this is because I have become more aware and even more mindful of what I am eating. I’ve deliberately chosen foods that I know will assist my body in healing by keeping inflammation down and healthy nutrients up. 

A typical day for me includes tons of healthy fats through bulletproof coffee, coconut oil and avocados coupled with lean proteins and vegetables. I limit my fruits and sugars and avoid grains (unless it is sushi night). 

My movement has gone from one hundred mile bike rides and eight mile runs to a leisurely walk and some stretching. Prior to surgery, and between teaching my many adaptive yoga classes each week, I taught a Pilates class to typical people once a week and would grab a swim if I could. 

Seriously,  my movement and exercise has been 5% of what it used to be and I am leaner and stronger than ever. Why? 

Nutrition. Simple. What goes in matters. 

Oils & Gemstones

This morning in my meditation it came to me to create a custom essential oil blend for my surgery and recovery. I included heart opening gratitude oils as I prepare to receive the ultimate–someone’s body part who died so I can be pain-free. I also included cleansing oils for my cells and emotionally healing oils. I chose to set the blend with some healing gemstones outside in the shade for some Mother Earth time.

In the blend there is frankincense, basil, birch, ginger, wild orange, immunity blend, lavender and spikenard.  These combined and layered will offer me cellular support, a calm mind and an incredibly grateful and open heart to receive the talented surgeon’s ability, the care of the staff, the prayers that surround me, and mostly the donor’s part.

The gemstones are rose quartz, malachite, citrine, lapis, hematite, obsidian, and quartz crystal. These beauties will assist me with energy that brings healing and contentment as my body endures this.

Awesome isn’t?