DIY Face Toning Pads

I have been making these little treasures for awhile and cannot believe how SIMPLE they are. My skin feels amazing and I know that I am saving tons of money on store bought (and often filled with junk) face toning products.

I use these in the morning right when I get up. I like to say that it is washing the sleep off. Doing this gives me a super fresh complexion, a nice wake-up aroma, and skin that feels super clean.

Sometimes I switch out the essential oils for other ones but I have found my skin loves turmeric (anti-inflammatory), lavender (soothing and calming) and tea tree (cleansing and purifying). I add water, castille soap, and witch hazel. I am not a big measuring type person, I usually just eyeball it.

Here is how you do it:

  • pack a pint size mason jar with cotton round pads
  • to a 2 cups measuring cup add a squirt of soap, a bigger squirt or two of Witch hazel, 20 drops (ish) of each essential oil, fill with water, optional stir
  • pour liquid over the cotton pads
  • seal the jar and use daily

You can find all of my favorite DIY ingredients and tools in my amazon shop. You can grab the essential oils by clicking on the button below. The best part is these three oils are SO versatile that you will have tools on hand for sleep, inflammation, skin support, cleaning your surfaces and MUCH more. Once you get the oils, I will personally connect with you for a free consult to show you how easy it is to swap out everyday items for natural ingredients. Also, check out this free ebook to see just how easy it is to use essential oils in your home!

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