Did you know that thistle is actually part of the sunflower family!?

I saw this thistle today and was amazed by its beauty. It is one plant I enjoy in other peoples garden or in nature that is for sure.

I did a little digging about this plant that is stubborn and plentiful.

Here is what I found:

Considered one of nature’s toughest flowers, it’s one of the most debated plants by most gardeners. Some call it a weed while others view it as an excellent source of medicine and food, as well as a beautiful ornamental plant. Certain varieties are considered beneficial to wildlife because they produce a substantial amount of food for insects and birds and their foliage is also used by butterflies.

The thistle represents overcoming adversity and difficult situations. It’s a symbol of resilience. In Celtic regions, the thistle represents devotion, bravery, determination, and strength. In the Basque region of France, the thistle is considered a symbol of protection. It is also called the “flower of the sun“ and the “herb of witches”. It’s used as protection against evildoers because people believe that witches cannot look directly at the sun. The thistle is often seen on the front doors of the homes of this region. The flower’s pink and purple colors represent nobility and royalty.

Milk thistle, another variety, contains a chemical known as silymarin. Research suggests that it has bolstering effects on the liver and it is widely sold in various cleansing and detox products. Full of nutrients, the thistle has been found to contain higher vitamins and minerals compared to other more common vegetables. Various parts of the plant can make excellent additions to stews and salads, albeit with careful preparation.

I appreciate taking milk thistle for my health and observing her beauty, but I try to avoid them in my yard.

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