The Walls

Today I celebrate that six years ago today I closed on my house. While it may not be a big deal to some, it is validation of the outward expression of who I am.

This little abode of mine is also the house that I grew up in…how awesome is that? While I believe in the concept of manifesting, it is truly not about things you want, but instead the deep understanding and awareness of WHAT you are.

My home and her walls are a reflection of me and the life that I have created despite obstacles and challenges. I did this by doing the hard work of chipping away at the barriers I attached to myself and allowing the revealing of who and what I am to be seen.

My home.

The walls hold my inner little girl tightly and affirm in her the goodness that she is.

The walls whisper secrets that only I know.

The walls speak softly to me and remind me that I chose to create this life I have.

The walls protect me from the outer angst and offer me a sanctuary of peace.

The walls provide me with a space to create, work and live in alignment.

The walls hold memories of nearly 51 years of living, growing, and evolving.

The walls are a reflection of who I am and today I celebrate both me and the walls.

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