Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox is a time of letting go and harvesting the good that is abundant in our lives and also allowing the stalks and leaves to fall aside and go back to the Earth. With this beautiful and colorful season emerging it is our time to loosen our grip on the focus of growth and prepare to move into a more dormant season. This is also a great time to look at the cycles of life; seasons, months, breath, and even life. As we embrace the time of gathering our harvest we are also preparing ourselves for the cycle in which we become more hunkered down and a little more in hibernation. The paradox of understanding cycles exists everywhere and yet the simplest observation is the breath; to inhale you must also exhale.

When we are awake we come to know that with each ending there is a beginning, in whatever shape that takes—self awareness, growth, wisdom, letting go, forgiveness and grief.  If we pay attention, we can see this so easily in the changing of leaves–the amazing color that emerges following a season of bounty and then the ease in which the leaf lets go. Watch as leaves effortlessly fall to the ground to be taken into the loving arms of Mother Earth for the new growth that waits for the next season.

Take time to look at letting go of what no longer serves you.

At the autumn equinox there is a dynamic shift from the season of sunshine, growth, taking action, movement to a more quiet and still season. This time of year during the equinox is a powerful time to pause after the often chaotic energy of summer, back to school, busy-ness to a more dormant and contemplative time. This is time where we replenish, regenerate and recuperate from a season of push. 

Well, at least we should try to as the we are so in tune with nature and the natural rhythms of the world, if we are paying attention. Nature responds to the lessening hours of daylight by slowly fading into dormancy. Watch as the leaves fall from trees, the lush green of shrubs and vegetation fades, and animals forage and gather for a season of hibernation. How do we mimic these natural occurrences? We withdraw from the rush of outward action to a season of a more contemplative inner reflection of our spirit.

With this season also comes a wonderful reminder to gather your harvests and share with others and to celebrate the abundance of the world with your neighbors, your family, or even a stranger. We tend to want to hang on to “things”, both tangible and intangible and really all that does is is exhaust us and stop the flow of goodness.

During a yoga practice watch as you move in and out of balance and neutral. How your breath becomes rapid and slow, though we strive for equality of breath. Notice how the tension in our body is often paired with ease. Thoughts come and thoughts go.

The skills that we learn on the yoga to find neutral, equanimity, and harmony teach us the gift of following the rhythm of nature. Remember, our time on the mat is truly a practice for living yoga as we know that yoga really happens off the mat. 

Our practice this time of year should reflect the message of the equinox and allow it to be filled with times of pausing to gather your breath, to reflect in mountain pose with a sense of neutrality and to find the balance between dynamic postures and stillness.

Welcome the harvest that is within and always look for opportunities to be grateful.  I know for myself, the practice of gratitude has lead me into a life of awareness that has enhanced my life everyday.

Life is really good, friends.

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