Online Adaptive Yoga

These are challenging times, asking us to re-evaluate everything we knew as normal.

Since so many long term and assisted living centers are locked in, I am now offering my services in a different way. The need for movement, happiness, and connection has never been greater. Imagine the joy a family member might feel if they knew their beloved was able to access services such as this.

As a 13+ year adaptive yoga teacher I am taking my services into a deeper world of accessibility. I am now offering videos that can be viewed at the discretion of the facilities, and at times that work best for the residents/participants. These videos can be shared across the various aspects of a facility; long-term care, assisted living, and memory care.

I have an amazing introductory package for my services to reach those who have been housebound. This is a perfect option for residents, as well as the staff who live and work in a sheltered facility.

To view the offering and connect with me, just visit this link. Please feel free to share with anyone or any facility that you think might benefit from my work.

To learn more about the program, please visit this article.

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