Perfectly Okay

Did you know it is perfectly okay to lay down to your pain? To surrender into the pain rather than resist it?

Truth is lupus sucks. The pain and fatigue sucks.

I have good days, and really bad days. I put on a good face and enter into each day with hope and Light.

But the fact remains. I have a chronic pain condition that challenges me often.

How do I do it? How do I show up everyday for myself, for my girl, for others? Because I choose to.

I choose Yoga because it has been my sanctuary from pain for many years. I also choose pure essential oils to help me with fatigue, pain, mood and sleep. And, I am a huge believer in choosing a grateful and a positive attitude.

If you’re struggling, stop and breathe. Then unroll a mat and discover that there are sensations that don’t always ache. Breathe in some amazing aromas (my current fave is a blend of citrus, mint and florals designed to help with mood). Then take a look at all that you have that is good and feel thankful.

If you’re struggling, feel free to message me for some yoga tips and samples of the oils I love. ?

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