Emotions and Thoughts

Emotions are indicators of where our thoughts are. (Both conscious and subconscious).

It’s also why I reach for essential oils more than ever to help process and uplevel my emotions.

Every time I inhale an oil, I intentionally take 3-4 breaths and with each breath, think of something I’m grateful for.

Notice when you do this, it’s very difficult to hold a lower emotion at the same time.

Here is a reference to assist in shifting emotions if needed.

In times of great change, it can be a challenge to bring Gratitude into your Heart. This may help to elevate an emotion or neutralize it to peace and calm.

All emotions are valid and feeling through them is helpful

At times I am very Grateful for my Breath!

Much LOVE. To learn more about the basics of essential oils, check out this gorgeous ebook.

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