Self-Care and Healthy Exercise

Self care can have a bad rap. It is not all bubble bath and manicures. We better get a better mindset when it comes to self-care or we might suffer burnout.

I spent WAY too many years giving and giving without much thought about myself, and especially about self-care and self-love.

The result; I was angry, toxic, fearful and incredibly overweight. I had no mind-body connection. I was clueless as to what my habits were creating in my mind, body and spirit.

I began with small changes; daily walks, bubble baths, buying myself a small treasure here and there, and surrounding myself with positive people.

Now, I practice self-care DAILY and the result is I am more peaceful, healthier, I sleep better and my stress is way down.

However in my quest for health I used to punish myself with exercise. I believe that I caused harm to my body physically (and emotionally) with excessive exercise.

Now, I enjoy a nice walk in nature, a gentle yoga class and pilates. Kickboxing, racing myself up steep hill and 100 mike bike rides are a thing of the past. I am okay with it. And do you the best part, my body is actually healthier now than ever.

Celebrate your body today!

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