The Exhale

Have you ever noticed how throughout the day our breathing tends to get faster and shorter?

Over the last fifteen years or so I have worked hard on re-learning how to breathe the way that our bodies are supposed to breathe—slow and full.

When we take short, quick breaths it is usually a sign our body is in distress, or fight or flight. The more we breathe like that, the higher our cortisol goes.

In fact, I read a recent research article that stated people who have poor posture and as a result smaller breaths (less lung capacity when you are hunched), have higher cortisol levels. People who have straight posture and as a result greater lung capacity, have lower cortisol.


So take a REALLY long breath in, and a REALLY long breath out. The exhale is most important.

Check out the benefits:
•Deep breathing can improve your energy level.
•Deep breathing slows your heart rate.
•Deep breathing helps to clean out the lungs.
•Deep breathing reduces anxiety.

Additionally, when you add essential oils to your space or your body you can help to increase respiratory function. I love eucalyptus, ravensara, melaleuca, lemon and peppermint. Order my faves here.

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