Natural Deodorant

How many of you have used the good ol’ Secret deodorant forever?

When I started to clean out the toxins in my world deodorant was one of the things that got swapped out.

We know that our skin absorbs everything we apply. And our armpits are so close to some really important areas of our bodies—lymph nodes, breasts, etc. Deodorant is one of the most toxic substances we apply to our skin. It’s super easy and affordable.

I’m pretty careful with what goes on my skin (lotions, cleaners, etc). I make my own body butters and cleaning pods.

Here is what I use instead! A crystal salt stick and a DIY blend of lemongrass, tea tree and patchouli. I change it up, too. Really you can use whatever oils you like! On really active days I do apply a couple times.

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