DIY Body Butter

Did you ever stop to think about what we put ON our skin? I mean think about this….if we know that the essential oils absorb into our bodies and touch every cell, wouldn’t we think that slathering on things we can’t even pronounce, chemicals and who knows what from store bought lotion would also hit every cell? Gah! ? (and the same goes for all the cleaning chemicals we touch) Take a peek at your lotion bottle and see what I mean.

I have been making my own body butter since I cleaned up my toxins and it’s amazing!!

•one cup shea butter

•half cup hard coconut oil

• three tablespoon beeswax pellets

• 1/4 cup almond oil

• splash of vegetable glycerin (optional)

• 20-30 drops of your fave essential oils

Watch this to see how easy it is!!

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