Immune Support

This wintry season can be so hard to stay healthy. All of the inside time and lack of fresh air can make germs take over our world. The good news is with a few little tweaks to our daily regimen we can support out body to stay healthy and fend of the germs.

I work in long term care centers and am constantly around germs people and object. I am so happy to say (knock on wood) that I have not so much as had a sniffle since I began incorporating some of these tools into my life.

Consistency is key when it comes to protecting our bodies.

That means mindset, habits and what we put in and around our body. I am a huge believer in positive thinking, affirmations, gratitude and natural options, like essential oils.

Sometimes all those things cannot be enough and we do end up feeling under the weather. Good news is this quick little recipe can really put you back in the game of life.

These are must haves for in the unfortunate case you get sick. The second I start to feel anything crud related, I grab these oils, add them to a 10ml roller bottle and start rolling. I like to apply these to the bottom of my feet and my spine.

The best part? These are common oils found in my fave new starter kit—the healthy start kit! This little bundle will cover illness, sleep, mood, natural cleaning and so much more. This free downloadable ebook is a great resource!

Once you get started, I will send you an amazing package to get you started using your oils, set up a free personalized wellness consultation and provide you access to my VIP education and mentoring group!

Are you ready?

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