Personal Manifesto

Several years ago I took a course with Brenè Brown that rocked my world. Not only did it invite me to be thinking more about how I show up in my life, but I was reminded that being vulnerable and courageous, and sometimes face down in the arena’s of life, are the most powerful moments a person can experience.

Part of the course was creating a personal manifesto. Making a public statement about how I intend to live my life has been powerful and game changing.

My manifesto:

In creating a life of happiness and peace in all facets of my life, I will cultivate habits of practicing self love. Included in my self love practices will be engaging in daily activities calmly and mindfully, resting my body, eating clean, meditating, being in nature, taking time to be alone, and nourishing myself with friendships and interactions that support me. I will love myself by consistently and gratefully engaging in these practices. Doing this requires me to set boundaries with myself and others and ask for what I need. I will communicate honestly and authentically. I will hold myself and others accountable for engaging in interactions and experiences that are respectful, peaceful and without shame and blame, especially when I feel pressure or high demands. Practicing self love and cultivating a life of calm and peaceful interactions will create a life that is centered, joyful and wholehearted and one that allows me the space to continue making a difference for those in my personal life and in my work.


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