Aches and Pains Blend

Over the last six years I have had just as many orthopedic surgeries, plus living with a diagnosis of a connective tissue disease that causes joint pain and swelling.

Despite all that, I average 15,000 steps each and everyday and work six days a week teaching yoga and pilates. Basically I am one busy and active girl.

What keeps me going?

  • Serious self care
  • Early to bed every night
  • Healthy foods
  • A consistent Gratitude practice
  • Essential oils regimen

This is my favorite pain reliving blend. I apply this to the sore spots and along my spine daily. It is effective, affordable and has no side effects other than relief.

If you’re struggling with aches and discomfort and want to invest in a collection of the highest quality essential oils, click here to get these soothing ones.

Or, if you’d like to cover more than just pain, but also stress, immunity, cleaning, belly aches and so much more this is my favorite. You can also check out more choices found in this handy usage guide.

When you get started I make sure you have plenty of tools and support to feel successful plus access to my amazing tribe of people who are in this together to bring health and wellness to your home.

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  1. I have a friend with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. She is only 21 and has had many surgeries (shoulders, brain, hip) and her first shoulder popped out after doing a plank. What type of yoga would you recommend for her?

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