Yoga and Waking Up

The misunderstood beliefs that yoga is about touching your toes, or contorting your body into seemingly impossible shapes, or even contradicting your faith can stop so many people from experiencing the goodness it has to offer.

When I started practicing yoga years and years ago, I too wanted to be more flexible and I was fascinated by the images I would see of beautiful bodies doing beautiful things. I was hungry for a physical challenge all the while being a hot mess emotionally, spiritually and in truth, physically. I had just lost about 80 pounds and I was all about my “new” body being able to be physically active. What I didn’t know was I was about to have a huge wake up and it would rock my world.

Yoga gave me the gift of presence. It showed me the power of breathing and being completely in sync with my very being. It invited me to open doors within myself that had been sealed shut most of my life.

I stopped living in the past and the what if’s. I let go of the anger and deep loss of having a daughter with a disability. I stopped the internal dialogue that was so incredibly harmful. I let go of the need to achieve and be perfect. I settled into the magnificence of who I am, right now.

I woke up.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t still have moments of pain, anger, grief, sadness, and even worry. Now, I can handle it with grace and not let myself get down the rabbit hole of blame and shame.

Yoga changed my life. It opened doors for me. It welcomed me into the space of unconditional love I never knew existed—for myself AND others.

Say yes. You’re worth it…

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