The Potential

The Course in Miracles tells us that we have two basic emotions–love and fear. It goes on to say that we are either acting in love or we are acting in fear. To act in Love means that we are joyful, creative, aligned with our vision and service is at the heart of our actions. To act in Fear means we are competitive, judgmental, living in a mindset of lack and accumulating nonsense for the self.

We can see this so easily when we take a hard look at our reactions or responses to everyday things. The “me” mentality that seems to overshadow the potential for goodness in our communities and even our country. While the world arounds us lives in the space of winning and gathering up all the abundance they can, it has become my mission this month to go into love….deep into love as I look intensely at my life and the choices that I make everyday.

Last week I began to ask myself if the choices I am making support the life I am trying to create. Is the hustle and bustle worth it? Am I in alignment with the vision I have for my life, which as you recall is a form of love. Am I coming at my work from the place of service or grasping at the concept of more, which is rooted in fear.

This week on the mat as we continue looking at freedom and liberation, we will explore the idea of love and fear as it relates to a current obstacle in our life. I have a few challenges of my own and I am choosing to see the potential versus the problem.

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