Less Hustle, More Joy

Financial goals have been my mindset for as long as I could remember. I bought my first house when I was just 19 years old! Yikes! I also bought my first car and always paid my own car insurance since I was 15 years old! I raised my kids with the mindset to choose wisely and be sure you have enough money to not only buy what you want, but also to save first.

It all started when I was just 10 years old and wanted a pair of fancy roller skates. My mom told me that the only way I was getting them was if I saved up and bought them myself. It was so amazing to go into the store and slap my cash down a few months later.

You can see that having a tight budget and working super hard has been part of my life forever. BUT, I have also had joy in doing it. Sure, sometimes I wish I could choose to be a little less focused so I could relax a bit, but I have found my passion and purpose and that makes the hustle worthwhile.

Over the next few months you might see a little more balance in me as I choose to hustle a tiny bit less, and balance a tiny bit more. I will never NOT hustle or be incredibly mindful with the hard earned abundance I am blessed with, but I am gonna focus on it being a little more balanced in the coming months and doing what brings me more joy.

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