Attitude of Gratitude

Do you have the attitude of gratitude?

Research is now showing strong evidence that cultivating a gratitude practice and living from the space of appreciation can improve your mental (and likely your physical)health.

I know for sure that practicing gratitude increases the goodness! I believe that when I shifted my mindset, my whole life changed. Not only did I lose the extra weight and toxins that I had been carrying, but I also discovered my purpose which lead to adundance in ALL areas of my life. I love jotting down daily moments of abundance everyday—it is in the noticing that we begin to change our brain.

And a fun side note:

? Wild Orange is the Oil of Abundance

? Spikenard is the Oil of Gratitude

Did you also know that both of these essential oils—as well as the emotional state of gratitude—have one of the highest vibrations recorded? Meaning, the more you live in the space of gratitude, the higher your “vibe” is and when we are in the high vibes, we actually draw in MORE goodness.

How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain

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