It’s Really About the Nutrition 

I’m on my third hip surgery recovery in just fifteen months. The same hip has never healed and the tissue has continued to break down, resulting in some pretty awful pain and limitation over the last three years. My last surgery used tissue donated from a cadaver and should elimate pain. 

Having once been a woman who weighed over two hundred pounds,  my first thoughts when I injured my hip were not how would I recover, but instead, would I gain back all the weight. I think I feared that because our world puts so much value on exercise, and I was right there with the common mentality. Unfortunately living  this idea of more is better, I actually was hurting my body rather than helping it. Extreme exercise habits and over use were what caused my tissue to basically break down. 

I am happy to say that just two and a half weeks into my third recovery, I have not gained an ounce of weight and in fact, have lost some over the last two years. I believe this is because I have become more aware and even more mindful of what I am eating. I’ve deliberately chosen foods that I know will assist my body in healing by keeping inflammation down and healthy nutrients up. 

A typical day for me includes tons of healthy fats through bulletproof coffee, coconut oil and avocados coupled with lean proteins and vegetables. I limit my fruits and sugars and avoid grains (unless it is sushi night). 

My movement has gone from one hundred mile bike rides and eight mile runs to a leisurely walk and some stretching. Prior to surgery, and between teaching my many adaptive yoga classes each week, I taught a Pilates class to typical people once a week and would grab a swim if I could. 

Seriously,  my movement and exercise has been 5% of what it used to be and I am leaner and stronger than ever. Why? 

Nutrition. Simple. What goes in matters. 

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