Eating is Self-Care

Gosh this one hit me in the eyes. I have mentioned before that eating is not a huge priority for me and I often go most of the day without any fuel in me….and all the walking and working out on empty has been something that I have been trying to do better with.

I’ve started to make ahead lunches and sometimes breakfast things to take on the road with me. I am not a sandwich person and I don’t have ways to heat up things while I am driving so learning to eat cold pork chops and meatloaf has been a learning curve ?

Since I was so sick last week, I really tuned into what my body wants and needs. I refer to last week as the great cleanse and now I am starting over with a clean body.

Less sugar, coffee and alcohol and more protein, veggies and fruit.

Some of my favorites for quick and easy on the go are:

As much as I self care my body, this eating thing has been a huge gap in my self care and I am ready to do better. I am ready to fuel her with good things and honor the needs of my body in a different way.

What’s your eating self care look like? Give me some ideas!

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