Natural Weed Destroyer

My veggie garden is taking a slow start this year despite plenty of sun and rain. While the bounty is slow to start, the weeds are in full bloom around my garden. I have little clover type weeds and random grasses popping up.

Since I plan to eat my crops I definitely don’t want to use a chemical weed killer. In fact, I don’t know about you, but where I live I am seeing less and less bees and hummingbirds this year. The mighty pollinators are disappearing and it’s a little scary. The chemicals I see my neighbors using plays a huge role in the cycle of pollinators and our natural environment doing what it is supposed to do.

I am opting to use this super cheap, super effective, and super safe for ALL beings (including animals and insects).

It’s so easy. I ran to the dollar store and grabbed a spray bottle, some epsom salt, white vinegar and dish soap. I have plenty of oils on hand but you could also skip adding them. Although, the clove is an added punch for the harder to kill weeds.

Check out this handy essential oil guide to see how easy they are to add to all areas of your life.

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