DIY Dish Soap

Did you know that liquid dish soap is another one with a high score on the Think Dirty app. We all use it though, so it might be nice to just make our own!

Recipe for DIY dish soap

2 cups unscented castile soap
20 drops Lime oil
8 drops Lemon oil
6 drops Citrus Bliss

Directions to make DIY dish soap:

Fill a large, clean bottle with castile soap and essential oils
To use, shake and add 1-2 tbsp to dishwater or a small amount to a natural sponge

So simple, yet again, MASSIVE impact!

Once you start to swap out these super expensive grocery store products with an easy DIY one, you will be shocked at why it took you so long to jump on board!

Not a DIY-er??? Whip out that On Guard concentrate cleaner! It has instructions right on the bottle for how to use it as dish soap!???

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