Glowing Face Serum

Let’s face it aging is something that must be embraced but I think it can be done with a little help along the way, too. I have noticed as my skin ages, it has lost some elasticity. I have even found some fine lines. I have experimented with a bunch of serums, creams, masks over the years.

I always return to this serum because it is natural, smells amazing and gives my face a glorious glow,

We know that florals are going to be the best essential oils for the skin and this combo does not disappoint. I find it to be just what my skin is looking for. The neat thing is if you do not have all these oils, no worries, just use the ones you do have until you get the others.



Apply at least a nickel size amount to your face and neck. For an even better response, try a gua sha method or rose quartz facial roller.

To learn more about the many uses of essential oils beyond skin care, check out this free gorgeous ebook.

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