Healthy Start

Have you been seeing essential oils popping up everywhere? Even the dollar store! Ack! When it comes to putting anything in, on or around my body, I want to make sure it is pure and safe.

For years I grabbed oils wherever and had no idea they could be unsafe for me or my kids (including the furry ones)!!

I did my research and chose a company with high ethics and a deep desire to change lives.

What I love the most is the co-impacting sourcing. This means the farmers and their families and communities all over the world are paid and treated with honor and integrity. Every drop I use is helping someone else benefit too. Whether it is building a school or hospital, getting fresh water available, teaching communities how to better themselves, the growers lives are improved.

I also wanted to make sure what I was investing in was pure and unadulterated essential oils.

I didn’t want additives or false claims of purity. I wanted the stuff hospitals use.

I know you can get oils anywhere, but I hope that you’d consider linking up with me and my tribe. This means you have support using the oils, you’re part of a community of like minded health seeking people with a heart of service. Helping others find solutions and light in their lives is what I am all about.

If that resonates with you then let’s get going!

I love this starter kit because it has everything a household needs! Plus the diffuser is a perfect one for bedrooms, kitchens, etc. I love that it runs for 11 hours!

This bundle comes with:

  • On Guard—Energizing, Daily Immune Support
  • Oregano—purifying, Mega Immune Support
  • Lavender— Calming, Skin, Sleep, Babies
  • Frankincense—Renewing, Relaxing, Brain & Immune Support
  • Lemon— Revitalizing, Cleansing, Uplifting, Detoxing
  • Tea Tree—Cleansing, Ear and Skin Support, Lice
  • Peppermint—Stimulating, Cooling, Focus, Bug Repellent
  • DigestZen—Relieving, Digestive Support, Bloating, Gas
  • Breathe—Invigorating, Respiratory Support, Clear Breathing
  • Deep Blue—Soothing, Aches and Pains, Muscle Support
  • Stone Diffuser—Diffuse 5 hours Continuously or 10 hours Intermittently

Plus, you’ll get access to my VIP group, ongoing mentoring, free wellness consultation, and an amazing welcome package.

You can also gift this to someone! The gift of health and wellness–how awesome!

Grab this bundle – Healthy Start Kit

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