Good Hugs

Ever feel like you just need a good hug?

They say to maintain health we need ten hugs a day. This little gal gives amazing hugs and it is just what I needed today.

A few days ago, I injured my foot (not the foot that is waiting for surgery), but my “good” foot. It’s very painful and difficult to walk on.

Sometimes life insists that we slow down, and that has been a really hard lesson for me to learn. So, this week I am going to slow down. I’m going to NOT be sending out the series of yoga and pilates this week and instead practice more hugs, more rest, and more healing.

I just can’t put my whole being into the videos this week as I need to give my body a break. You have access to the entire library of my videos on my website. 

And, I need to grab some more hugs.

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