August Wellness

Can you believe that it is the month of August??  To me, this is a month where the days drag on and the zest for yard work and gardening that the summer began with soon starts to fade. Yet, August also brings abundance and times of great harvest as the hard work begins to pay off.  It is quite a paradox isn’t it? And then we must realize that in a blink of an eye it will be sweater and boots season and a whole new way to our days.

I have loved this summer more than most because, despite a pandemic and economic crisis, I am re-learning how to play and enjoy the slower pace that life can offer.  I am grateful on many levels for the wake-up call to live a simpler life that is based more on building memories that exhausting myself with work.

Despite all my playtime and slowing down, I am still hustling to make a difference in the world. You can find access to all my offerings here.  I hope that you will consider joining me in the wellness journey, whether it is mindfulness, yoga, or essential oils.

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