Learn to Listen

Are feeling the pressure of the world? I sure am.

The last few weeks I have experienced a multitude of emotions that are very unusual for me. Rather than resist them, I have learned to sit with them and then ask.

I’m the moments that follow the simple question—what do I need to know—I am given very clear messages. It is in this sweet sacred space I listen with intent ears and an open heart

So while it may seem to some I am distant and far away, the truth is I am taking radical self care to nurture my spirit from the division and the culture that seems to have a need to be right…as Caroline Myss says there is no right, there is only kindness.

I am looking to surround myself with people who are kind. Who show up in the world with compassion as their guide. Who strive not for personal gain but instead to be light to others.

If you’re too busy looking to be “right”, I beg you to be silent enough to listen.

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