External Versus Internal: Your Happiness and Success Factor

Close your eyes for a minute and think about what would make you happy or successful? Got it?

Now, think about how many times you might blame an external factor on your lack of happiness or success. You know the list of external things; the economy, the small town, the cost of things, lack of time or money, your job, your lousy boyfriend.

The truth is that success and happiness is determined NOT by trends in economy or other external variables, but instead by the consciousness of each individual.  

It is up to YOU and your thinking.

When you can dig deep into your values and beliefs and you are able to maintain your thoughts, words and action at a higher level AND you source your life on some pretty rock solid principles, you will achieve your happiness and wild success in whatever endeavour you take on. When you let the world know what you stand for and what you wish to experience, all the right people, encounters, events and the results will recognize your intentions and they will literally show up in your life.

YOU have to get past the idea that the economy, or your boss, or your amount in your bank, or your miserable spouse is the cause of your lack of success and joy.

YOU simply have to start living in your mind and heart in the economy or life experience as if it is already so.

You see the experiences that you create for yourself are independent on the experience that others choose for themselves. You in all your magnificence can live the life of your dreams.

Truth is your happiness and success depend on your thoughts and intentions.

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