Internal Use of Essential Oils

Wherever you get your oils, always double check this label. If it doesn’t have a supplement facts label then it is a HUGE NO to internal use.

I choose only doTERRA essential oils because I can be assured they are certified pure therapeutic grade. That means they are the highest quality and purest oils on the market. Many, many hospitals across the country are using doTERRA and that makes me feel even better.

A kind word of caution tho—if you think buying doTERRA on amazon is the same, you could be scammed. It’s super easy to uncap the oils and refill them with cheaper and less quality oils and be selling them as doTERRA. Why take that chance? It’s as simple as a Costco membership—get wholesale prices for a small fee (or waived with a kit) and start using the best and safest oils available.

Check out this handy guide and learn how to get started!

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