Passion Into Purpose

About 14 years ago I had a vision to teach yoga to people who couldn’t easily access a traditional class. I saw in my mind a class filled with people of all abilities, specifically those with developmental disabilities.

When my heart told me to pursue this I walked into my local recreation services department and pitched my idea. They said yes and the rest is history. My business has grown from volunteering once a week to being contracted with a variety of agencies, reaching hundreds of people and now I have been asked to do public speaking on my method.

One of my agencies is making some changes and the class I have been teaching is coming to a close. This week a group of adults with Down Syndrome presented me with a painting that each individual helped create that has my 2020 word—reverence.

The circle is complete. What you give, you get. I gave pure love, they returned it.

That is magic.✨

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