Helichrysum Essential Oil

This sweet little flower is not as open and lovely as, say, a rose…but it’s little tiny flowers pack a powerful punch!

Helichyrysum is mostly found in the Mediterranean region and were historically known to be dried and offered to the Greek gods.

Now the rest of the world is catching up with the Mediterranean countries like Italy, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Bosnia and others who have been using it medicinally for thousands of years.

It is steam distilled from the little flowers and has a rich, sweet, fruity scent with slight “tea” and honey undertones.

Physical Uses

This amazing oil supports the cardiovascular and skeletal systems and muscles of the body.

It is a powerful antibacterial, antiviral agent, helping the body to guard against environmental threats and keep your immune system strong and healthy…and doing its job.

It is also very powerful where an over supply of mucous is present in the body. Helping to break it up, and move it out.

Excellent for digestive and muscular spasms as well.

The list is LONG, LONG, LONG for all its uses…. and I find that I reach for Helichrysum when intense healing is needed in the body…anytime, anywhere. I will often add it to a custom capsule of oils to take internally and I also apply topically to areas that are in need of MAJOR TLC.

When in doubt, and something is serious….pull out the Helichrysum!

Emotional Uses

Because Helichrysum is such a powerful Liver support and detoxifier, and the Liver is the organ that Anger originates…it’s a powerful emotional cleanser of Anger in the Emotions.

And because it’s known as the “Oil for Pain” …that includes physical AND emotional pain.

Especially those who have had a continual almost chronic experience of painful circumstances, trauma, loss or abuse.

Helichrysum offers a deep and powerful spiritual support to the wounded souls who need the endurance, and strength to keep living, to rise above their pain and carry on.

Helichrysum has a powerful relationship with the light of the sun, and so it has the capacity to bring joy, fervor and hope for living.

For those who need a little TLC and a gentle hand to guide them through difficulty and offer hope, Helichrysum is their friend.

Soon, with consistent use, there comes a shift out of the depths and into spiritual healing and transformation. Much like the phoenix dies and rises from the ashes, this oil can help those of us who need to be raised up to face our lives with courage and rebirth.

It’s pricey. It just is. But once you discover it’s powerful ability to offer deep healing and transformation…each and every drop becomes a priceless tool for those who need it most.

This oil became my personal lifeline along with Melissa oil a few years ago when life hit me hard, and tragedy, loss and grief overwhelmed me. I diffused it, wore it, and lived in this oil for about 3 months, until I could see the light of day again. It was unlike any oil I’d ever used! Truly!

Pair this oil with other emotional pain oils such as Deep Blue, (which by the way has some helichrysum in it already), Lime, Siberian Fir and Hope Blend.

Diffuse it.

Wear it.

Inhale it.

Ingest it.

Offer it someone in pain.

You’ll love it!

Here are some deeper research blog posts on the chemistry and the uses of helichrysum for you to dive into. If you’re wanting to learn more about the basics of essential oils, check out this handy guide.





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